Friday, January 29, 2016

About Me

I have four sisters: Lily (11), Jillian (25), me (18), Jenna (27), and Emma (8). Jillian and Jenna are my half sisters (we share the same mom) and Lily and Emma are also my half sisters (we share the same dad). But I consider all four of them my full sisters.

This past summer I spent everyday with my four best friends. Alyssa (far left), Marissa, and Kaiya (far right). We did everything together because it was the last summer before heading off to college. Alyssa and I stayed local to our hometown, Cumberland, her at CCRI and me at RIC, while Kaiya headed off to URI and Marissa to Marymount in VA. This picture was taken the night we had to say goodbye to Marissa until Thanksgiving (pre the tears). Marissa ended up surprising us Halloween weekend. And a few months later, she told us that she was transferring to URI second semester! 

I come from a huge family. This summer we had our 10 year reunion. These are my first cousins from my mom's side. Oldest to youngest, left to right, Bethany, Jeremy, Kerri, Kara, Ryan, Jenna, Kirby, Jillian, Zachary, and me. Because we're all older and the older cousins now have their own families and some live in different states, we really enjoy the times we get to be all together, we're an Irish family so it is always tons of fun!

Although some cousins live far, my oldest cousin, Bethany, also my God mom, lives across town with her husband Ross and their two kids, Jackson, five, and Mackenzie, who just turned three. My mom, sister Jillian, and I are extremely close to them. The kids are full of energy and always keep us entertained. Mackenzie is my mini me and I'm obsessed with her and her cuteness. 

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