Sunday, January 31, 2016

U.S.A., Land of Limitations? Nicholas Kristof

Blogger for the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof, argues that depending on the environment you were born into and grew up in, limits your success in life.

Throughout his article, Kristof states his main idea that those who come from a family with a high income, will also have a high income later in life due to the advantages that they have coming from a middle or upper class family. However, those who live in a family with a low income, and are from the lower class, will have a low income in their future just like their family members. Kristof mentions that people who grow up in certain situations, tend to follow the same paths as their elders. Although that may be true, I believe that you can still be successful and reach a higher income than what you were raised in, as long as they try in life. Of course, like Kristof points out, those who are not available to certain opportunities, like going to school, are most likely not going to reach a higher income. 

I believe that with his article, Kristof is trying to get across to people that we must help those who live in poverty. Especially the children because the kids who live in poverty are members of the future generation. Kristof states at the end of his article that this is "...what the presidential candidates should be discussing". This is an important statement because it is a major issue and we must not forget about those who live in poverty. Those who forget about these members of society are those who life in the middle and upper classes and have a steady income and multiple opportunities. Successful members of our society, especially our future leaders, must help the lower income society members in order to help give them a brighter future than the one they believe they will have,

Points to Share:
Nicholas Kristof talks about his good friend, Rick Goff, who is an example of somebody who grew up in a low income environment but later became successful on his own. Kristof mentions Goff because it is proof that those who come from low income families can also be successful just like those who have a high income. I believe that Kristof is trying to prove to others that it is important to help those who live in poverty because they are not a lost cause, they just need support and to know that they can also achieve success, middle/upper class, and high income. 


  1. I agree with you that what Kristof is trying to get across is to help people in poverty although he did not clearly express this until he said this is what the presidents should be talking about. He kind of expresses this indirectly. Also nice picture added

  2. I really enjoyed the quote in the photo you added. I never thought about poverty as something that we as humans can physically undo but after reading Kristof's article I hope that someday educators can positively make this change.