Sunday, March 20, 2016

This American Life Episodes, Herbert Article & Brown vs. Board of Education

Extended Comments

This week I decided to use Carlene's blog for my extended comments. She chose to argue the authors points in her blog. Carlene did an awesome job of connecting Herbert to the reporters of This American Life, The Problem We All Live With. In her blog, Carlene discussed the key facts for each. For example, for the first radio episode, she talked about how a Missouri school district did not care about integrating schools. Because of this, there was an achievement gap because, like Carlene stated, they would not integrate, allowing for the gap to remain open. I agree with her when she says that the students in Missouri deserve an equal, fair education just like anybody else. When Carlene discusses the Herbert article, she identifies a really important quote: "Schools are no longer legally segregated, but because of residential patterns, housing discriminations, economic disparities and long held custom, they most emphatically are in reality". This is important because Herbert is speaking the words just like Johnson tells us to do. By admitting the issue first is how the problem could eventually be solved. It is true that just because schools are integrated, does not mean that certain things still aren't segregated. Carlene also connected the readings to Kristof. She mentions that "some kids are stuck in a place where they see no room for improvement". This is an important connection because with there still being a type of segregation around the country, these students living in these environments that are not allowing them to succeed in life because of what they are being held back from.
I really liked Carlene's post (like always!) because she did a really great job of explaining this week's reading and putting her own thoughts into it. Her blog definitely helps for a better understanding of the readings. 

Points to Share:
It is important that everybody is treated equally. Reading this article and hearing these radio episodes were important because they show that people still aren't treated equally.


  1. I really enjoyed your blog, you did an excellent job discussing carlines blog I read hers too and she did a great job as well. I also enjoyed the quote about segregation and it really kind of summarized what these articles and voice overs were about.

  2. I totally agree with your post! If there is not room for improvement than this gap is never going to close. Having kids integrate is beneficial for all groups involved! But either way really like the quotes that you used.