Monday, March 14, 2016

In the Service of What? - Kahne and Westheimer


Service learning is an important experience for all ages. Service learning allows people to experience other ways that people live and teaches them that there are other people out there that are going through hard times and need some support. In Khane and Westheimer's piece, they give examples of two different types of service learning where one is hands on while the other is through interviews, documentaries, and legal paperwork. Service learning provides people with skills like analyzing certain situations handed to them. Some may say that having one on one experience with service learning is a better approach because the volunteers are actually witnessing first hand rather than reading and imagining these situations. Of course, like in Khane and Westheimer's piece, Ms. Adams seventh grade class is using all resourceful information and they are still learning about the same difficulties that the homeless face, just like Mr. Johnson's class. It is important that all students experience opportunities, like August states, and service learning is an opportunity that people don't forget because of the impact it has on those they are helping. 

Points to Share:
I personally believe that everybody should do some form of service learning while in school. Service learning is a great opportunity to experience new things while helping others. It also allows for somebody to see the world we live in differently.


  1. Jordyn I liked your blog because you kept it simple. Throughout the article it talks about Service Learning and the many things that can encompass it and I thought you told of those but directly by saying "there are different ways to approach certain situations". I thought this was good because certain situations do require one to experience different aspects to fully gain comfort and knowledge about them and your blog explained that well. good job.

  2. Jordyn, I used your blog to write my blog with extended comments. I thought your blog was great because it described exactly what it talked about in the article in that Service Learning is a process and to find the different methods that service learning involves and what methods work and don't work is important in finding out what works best. I also liked your comments and agree with them. Service Learning is a great way to gain knowledge about different experiences you may eventually come across and that's really that whole point of doing it. Great job.