Sunday, February 28, 2016

Safe Places - August


1. "Refusing to talk about LGBT issues or showing discomfort issues when LGBT topics arise are nonverbal messages that tell youth that being LGBT is abnormal or wrong" (p. 1)
This quote is important because there are people that refuse to acknowledge the LGBT community. Those who refuse to acknowledge the community are older generations meaning that the younger generations look up to these people and seeing them being rude or acting like there is something wrong with the LGBT community, teaches them it is wrong. 

2. "Teachers around our nation narrate stories about single-parents... The idea is that tolerance will grow as students gain appreciation for difference... So far, so good - until the family is two moms and their children... they are invisible" (p. 85)
In order for today's generation, along with future generations, to be more active and acceptable of the LGBT community, we must teach from the start that same sex marriage is normal. 

3. "... instructors committed to inclusion find ways to bring the voices of the LGBT community into their curriculum... when a chorus of these voices are heard across our college campuses, anti-LGBT violence will cease" (p. 94)
Society today must identify the violence to the LGBT community and put an end to it. It must be stopped because it is wrong to be violent towards people who are doing nothing wrong and are just trying to live their lives.

Points to Share:
In all three quotes, they are connected to Alan Johnson because he talks about how we must speak the words to solve the problem. As a society today, we must talk about things and we must teach the younger people how to be more accepting and that there is no right and wrong way to live your life. 


  1. I really liked that you pulled forward some quotes that we are likely to discuss in class and added just a small explanation of how these quotes relate to the piece because by adding a simple explanation it makes it easy to understand what the author is saying and it will make it easier to discuss in class!

  2. That is true including LGBT content in a child education can change them. It is a start to getting children accustom to people who are different from themselves and to be able to accept it. I also agree with what you said that we do need to speak up about it!

  3. Jordyn, I like how you connected this piece to Johnson's point that we must speak the words in order for understanding to occur. Throughout our society today, I feel that most people are afraid to talk about the LGBT community since they lack the true understanding of what it is like to identify one self as LGBT and have been conditioned to believe that it is not "normal" due to America's value on straightness. I completely agree with you that the younger generations are more accepting to the LGBT community and can serve as the answer for putting a stop to LGBT injustice.

  4. Jordyn, nice job selecting quotes from the text, they gave me a better understanding of what the author truly meant. I also agree with Amy and you that including more LGBT information in early education can greatly increase their understanding. Good job :)

  5. Jordyn, I agree that this piece ties into Johnson in the sense that we need to talk about things that people don't want to talk about. Also, I think it ties into SCWAAMP as well because it shows how being straight is valued because of the way we are educated! Nice job!