Sunday, February 14, 2016

Aria - Richard Rodriguez


Richard Rodriguez talked about what it was like growing up in a Spanish speaking home while living in an American, English speaking environment. Unlike Rodriguez, I grew up around and went to school with kids and teachers who only spoke English just like me. I didn't have to go through a language change like he did. Rodriguez not only went through a language change, but his family life changed as they adapted to a new culture: "Those old Spanish words (those tender accents of sound) I had used earlier... I couldn't use anymore. They would have been too painful reminders of how much had changed in my life" (Rodriguez, 37). For Rodriguez, speaking Spanish with his family was a "private language", and as him and his family continued to use English as their primary language, he felt out of touch with his family and language. However, he felt more connected to his peers because he was able to speak and understand their primary language. Rodriguez piece connects to Lisa Delpit's rule number two, "culture of power". This connects to Delpit because the people who are in power speak English. Because of this, Rodriguez had to learn a new language in order to understand the codes and rules of the people with power. 

Points to Share:
It's important to realize that some families and students have to make the transition from one language to another and with that comes a lot of change. Most of us know English like the back of our hand considering it is our society's primary language. Because of this, we have to be considerate of the time and practice it takes for some people to adapt to a new language and the help they will need.


  1. Hi Jordyn! I made the Delpit connection as well, in the terms of the need for clear communication; great job tying it in with her point also about the Culture of Power.

    I also thought it was so nice of you to mention other struggles multilingual people face when trying to assimilate into a new culture and how we should be patient and considerate with them!

  2. I think you did a really great job explaining your opinion and your personal experiences about how you grew up in a white community, around people only speaking English and so did I. So I also have never experienced anything like what Richard went through. I also liked you connection with Delpit because I also used her idea as an example as well.

  3. Wonderful reflection which hit all of the key points in the article, I like how you made the connection to the Culture of Power which I did as well. I also liked that in class we talk about identifying ourselves, so when you talk about how different your experience is compared to Richards it brings that contrast forward of what our white American privileged lives are like compared to those who are not American natives.

  4. I love the personal connection you made with the article ! Also connecting Delpit to this piece makes a lot of scene because at an early age he was taught the rules and codes of power which was English. Either way he had to give up a piece of his self identity to be part of society.