Sunday, February 21, 2016

Unlearning the Myths That Bind Us - Linda Christensen


After reading Linda Christensen's piece, I became more aware of what media does to a young child/teenager. Growing up, I wasn't aware of the hidden messages/stereotypes media created. Because of Christensen bringing awareness of the negative side of the media, I can now see that media is portrayed in such ways that young people think it is the right way to live, that they must look and act a certain way like the characters in the movies they watch or the articles they see in magazines. This article is important because people must see the reality of the impacts media has on teens and young children. 

Christensen's piece connects to Alan Johnson because he states that in order to fix the issue, you must speak the words. Here, Christensen states "our society's culture industry colonizes their minds and teaches them how to act, live, and dream" (126). She is speaking the words that others are afraid to. We must admit that the media is something negative and that something has to be done to allow young children and teens to live their own lives and not feel the pressure that today's society has. 

Points to Share:
Growing up, we were unaware of the impact media has on people. However, today, we see what the media does because we are at the age where almost everybody lives off their phones which is the major source of media. Teenagers feel this crazy amount of pressure to fit depending on what certain things are in magazines or what clothes are popular at the time. It's important that we take care of the negative issues media has on today's society. 


  1. great analysis of the text. My interpretation as well as my connections to Johnson were much like yours. Great discussion to bring up about negative issues media has on todays society

  2. I like how you commented about media's negative effects on today's society. When you think about it, media can be viewed as never ending peer pressure. Young people are susceptive to gaining the most likes or views on social media sites and base their physical appearances on models in magazines. Children believe that in order to be a princess you must posses beauty and marry or be rescued by your "prince charming" or that violence is the answer to defeating the so called "bad guys."